"Pink Sequin" Wand

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You can never predict what personality your little one will develop into today and what fantastic adventures he or she will take part in. That's exactly why you should prepare well in advance for the roles of king, queen, dragon, witch and knight - to name just a few! Costumes are essential for plays, shows, masquerade balls, birthday parties and many photo shoots. At the same time, you should also think about a wand for a wizard or witch, a fairy queen, a wizard king, an elf queen or even Harry Potter... With a wand, the spells are much more durable and harder to break. Let's start with the basics, my friends: hocus pocus! PART OF THE MAGIC STORIES COLLECTION Magic doesn't just happen! All fairies and magicians know this. To cast magic you need appropriate equipment, such as magical cloaks, crowns, hoods and wands. Since every country has its own magic rules, you have to be prepared for anything. Description.

Made in Poland