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I'm Sara, the founder of Cheeky Nomads. My journey into the world of sustainable and ethical children's clothing began as someone who firmly believes that every generation deserves the best. With a passion for fashion and a deep commitment to our planet, I wanted to create a place where parents can trust that every piece they choose is not only beautiful, but also responsibly made.

Cheeky Nomads is not just a business for me - it is the result of a dream to make the world of fashion more sustainable and ethical for our little ones. It is an honor to carefully select brands that share the same values and offer products that I can fully stand behind.

I invite you to join us on this wonderful journey where fashion, ethics and sustainability go hand in hand. Cheeky Nomads is about dressing the future with style and responsibility.


Our Vision

We dream of a world where children's fashion is a force for good. We envision a future where every outfit sparks joy and embodies our commitment to sustainability, ethics and style. Our vision is to inspire families to dress their little adventurers in clothing that not only expresses their unique personalities, but also cultivates a deep respect for our planet and the people who inhabit it. We see a community of Cheeky Nomads coming together to create a brighter, more compassionate future, one step at a time in a fun way.


Our Mission

At the core of our mission is the vision to transform children's fashion and contribute to a better world. In a world where the fashion industry is considered the second largest polluter, we see change not just as an option, but as an urgent necessity. This change encompasses our role as producers, where we are committed to reimagining every aspect of the production process, from the field to the factory. It also extends to our role as consumers by challenging the very idea of ​​shopping itself.

Green threads, bright futures.

We are committed to four fundamental principles:

Our overriding principle is to prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our actions, from the careful selection of brands and products to our distribution channel.

We are committed to adhering to ethical standards, ensuring the fair treatment of employees and promoting responsible business relationships.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, long-lasting products that will stand the test of time and reduce the need for frequent replacement.

We actively engage with our community and work tirelessly to minimize our environmental impact, striving for a positive legacy for future generations.


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Your opinion matters to us and we are here to listen. Whether you have questions, would like to make suggestions or just want to chat, we welcome all types of communication. Contact our friendly team and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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We believe fashion can be a force for good. Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices guides everything we do. We invite you to explore our latest collection, where style meets responsibility.

Do you have any questions or feedback? We are here to listen. Do not hesitate to contact us at customercare@cheekynomads.ch.


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