Magic Cape “Little Black Riding Hood”

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There is no way to know who your little one will be today and what amazing adventures he or she will take part in. This is exactly why parents should prepare in advance for roles like king, queen, dragon, witch, and knight – just to name a few! Costumes are a must for plays, shows, costume balls, birthday parties and numerous photo shoots. A cape is essential if you want to play a queen, a sorceress, a fairy, a warlock, or if you want to go to a masquerade ball or collect candy for Halloween. Quite simply put, it is essential for so many roles! You just won't want to put it down!

- Length measured from hood: 62 cm at the front, 65 cm at the back.
Hood height: 33 cm.
- Recommended size between 110 and 134 cm.
- Handmade
- Manufactured in Poland