Dou Dou Lion Comforter

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Color Grey

Lion are comfort towels one of our favorite accessories. They should not be missing from the baby cot from day one.

Your baby will become calmer, fall asleep better with his blankets attached, and build an emotional bond. Every newborn should have a doudou, an essential item for sleeping and even for comforting them in moments of excitement or fear. So you could say that it is a helpful “transitional object” for parents, as it acts as a calming element for anxiety at a certain moment. Baby needs to have it in its cot or carriage at all times so that it can be picked up, sucked or petted at any time to calm its crying moment.

It is made of soft, fluffy and safe materials for baby to feel reassured, touch and bite.

    - Handmade
    - BPA-free, vegan
    - 100% organic muslin
    - Eco-friendly, zero waste goal
    - Hand wash in cold water
    - Made in Spain