Founded in 2010, Cigit combines the purity of childhood with modern design. Their development from a dynamic start-up to a pioneer of children's concept merchandising in Turkey is testament to their innovative strength. Cigit offers more than just clothing - they create a holistic children's experience, from decorations to dolls. While we eagerly await their organic collection, our collaboration with Cigit at Cheeky Nomads is based on a shared vision for sustainability. Immerse yourself in the world of Cigit and discover a brand that is redefining child trafficking.
Guitar Sweatshirt- Dunkelgrau - Cheeky Nomads
Guitar Embroiderd Sweatshirt - Grün - Cheeky Nomads
Baby Bear Strampler - Braun - Cheeky Nomads
Baby Bear Strampler - Sand - Cheeky Nomads
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Pink Melange Kleid aus Baumwolle - Cheeky Nomads
Fruit Embroidered Sweatshirt- Powder - Cheeky Nomads
Baby Bear Strampler - Grün - Cheeky Nomads
Leaf Sweatshirt - Cheeky Nomads
Kapuzen-Sweatshirt mit Camouflage-Muster - Cheeky Nomads